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[TEST] Connected radiator valves (Tado°, Danfoss, Fibaro, Eurotronic)

In case of collective heating (Dutch blokverwarming) the boiler is ‘always on’ and in case of a modern system, automagically determines how hard it needs to fire up based upon request (based upon the return temperature of the water?), in the ‘cold months’. So the thermostatic valves effectively only try to maintain a certain temperature in their surroundings.

I’m not entirely sure what you mean.
I simply tell the Eurotronic Spirits valves to go to ‘21 degrees’ at a certain point and they act according to their own logic.(from what I have noticed, they open up ‘completely’ when the requested temperature (what I tell them to go to) differs from the actual/measured temperature and open up ‘less’ when the requested temperature is getting more near to the actual/current temperature.

So my setup is simply:
When time is: 06:30 requested living room temperature is 21 degrees C
When time is: 08:30 requested living room temperature is 16 degrees C
When time is 15:30 requested living room temperature is 21 degrees C
etc. etc. (this goes per room and per day where applicable - some days I work at home, other days my mother looks after my daughter after school etc.)

Due to the fact that our collective heating boiler is ‘always on’ I only have to look at my thermostatic radiator valves. The Eurotronic Spirit units measure their surrounding temperature themselves, but I can also provide them with a variable that the temperature is something else. (so if I have another thermometer, I can also tell them to labour against that)

Funny what you say about fibaro not closing. I found the same. I’m not sure how that is possible though…

And what do you use to read the temperature… For day the tado or eurotronic? So it knows what temp the room really is? Vkr

Tado does start the boiler if 1 room needs heating

Thanks for the reply, … I thought so. It would have been strange.

I am not busy yet with the heating automation. So I let it what it is.

Question on using Eurotronic spirit valves with tado thermostat: do the valves connect with the tado bridge directly over zwave? Or is some cloud service inbetween? In other words: does this combination work without cloud connection?

And what about the connection to Homey. Do the valves connect to Homey via the Homey tado app, or do they connect directly over zwave to the Homey eurotronic app? How can Homey consistently control tado and the valves, without messing up control through the tado thermostat/app?

Hello @victoroos

To know thé température I make the average of temperatures I get from my differents valves (tado and eurotronics)

Hello @Gruijter

I cannot say because I use Tado Valves, not Tado Thermostat…

You’re absolutely correct. My bad. If you use it in combination with the Tado thermostat.


The Eurotronic Spitis can only talk z-wave (so directly to the Homey sphere).
You can ‘push’ the ‘current temperature’ to the valves so that they labour with that value rather than what they measure themselves. (this could be more accurate as their measurement is directly next to the heat source, though they probably compensate for that)

In other words, if the Tado thermostat reports the current temperature back to the Homey sphere (which it probably does. I don’t own one, but I can’t imagine it wouldn’t), you can use that in combination with the Eurotronic Spirit radiator valves.

The valves do NOT require a cloud connection of any kind. As far as I know, the Tado stuff does require that so the complete combination would require it. (someone please correct me if I’m wrong :slight_smile: )


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That looks difficult. Is it? How do you do that? :o
Is that the best way?

Sometimes this is done to save power (since some of these devices can operate on batterypower). In the last room that has requested heat the valves will stay open. Untill the next request (from another room) is sent to the boiler. Then they will close.

The assumption is that the boilers will not heat-up unless requested by a thermostat or “smart” valve. So you can leave the last-used valve open, because there will not be any heating untillt the next request.

So if you have smart valves and a traditional thermostat. This may cause problems. Because the traditional thermostat could trigger heat-ups which are unknown to the valves.

I try the fibaro FGT-001 with similar results. Looks great but doesn’t work. They don’t send the temprature and doesn’t recive commands from Homey. I spend two Day until I sent all back.
Now I use Eurotronic Spirit Plus and it’s perfect.
My result is: Form follow function.

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Thx Julien, for the excellent review. I already bought the Fibaro heat controller. It connected fine for me and also the external sensor got paired. BUT something was wrong with the inner mechanism. It wouldn’t calibrate correctly and could not move the pin on the radiator valve. Sad, because its small and nice looking. Will now try the Eurotronic…


Thank you all for feedbacks I’ve updated my post :slight_smile:

I received the Eurotronic today. Ok, so it is big, true. BUT it’s a lot more quiet than the Fibaro or Smartwares radiator valves. And the ring to connect to the radiator looks a lot more solid. Connection is good and works like a charm. Good price and good quality.