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The perfect wake-up routine

Hi everyone!

I was thinking about how to set up the perfect wake-up routine, and wondered how all my fellow Homey users have done this in their home, which is why I made this post :nerd_face:

I for example say “Goodnight” to a Google mini every evening, and then it asks me when to set the alarm (which is handy for me since I don’t always wake-up at the same hour). After that it starts my goodnight flow (through a virtual device) and shuts everything down. Then in the morning when the alarm goes off I can say either snooze or stop. When I eventually want to get up, I can say “Goodmorning” and it will tell me a few things about my day, and then start my wake-up flow (again through a virtual device, which turns on lights if necessary, plays music and so on).

This is pretty nice, but I was thinking about making a light slowly turn on and brighten up over a half hour or so, before my alarm goes off. However, since my alarm is set every night and is variable, I don’t see a way of distracting that data easily to Homey so I can have my bedroom light turn on slowly before waking up.

Please share your setup / ideas on the perfect wake-up (or goodnight) routine!

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