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The sad IR - infrared misery


Hello out there!
Have had a Homey for about a month. Most things work very well and I was going to start on the IR capability, since I have a lot of IR devices that I need to integrate in the system. This was actually one of the main reasons I bought Homey in the first place - to be able to integrate “everything” in one control package.
Direct failure and I have searched this community and the net for info on the IR part. Seems as many more have experienced difficulties.

The learn code process seems to work fine:
With just three-four clicks on the remote, Homey accepts a sent code. Which obviously must mean that the hardware reception works. And - probably - that the code is recognised and accepted somehow.

Now comes “test the signal”. And nothing happens.
Learning from the posts here I’ve done all the suggested things:

  • tried several different ir remotes, new and old
  • turned off the ring
  • pulled the plug (for hours)
  • inspected eventual ir being sent by using my phone (and yes, it sees the ir from the remote)
    with the result that Homey sends no ir (that can be seen with the phone).

Could it actually be a hardware failure - anyone experienced that?
Would be very grateful for an update from users who have battled (and preferably won!) this problem!

Firmware is 1.5.13

All best


To solve this problem i bought a Broadlink rm3 mini (about 16 euros on AliExpress), which can be connected to homey with the Broadlink app. Is way better at learning IR. You can also buy a Broadlink rm pro for about 30 euro which can also learn 433 mHz signals, which homey can’t. Hope this helps, ofcourse it woukd be preferable if homey could do it itself, but for now this is for me a good workaround. However keep in mind that only a certain number of commands can be learned this way as stated in the Broadlink app, so maybe you cannot learn all the buttons you planned to learn.


I recommend you to use the logitech Harmony Hub.

1 remote to rule them All, it absolutely works awesome !


O no, homey should work. Its a big bug. I’m waiting for some month for a solution. Hopefully they will solve this.

A present IR device isn’t working after update#2847


Thank you all for your input!
If the latest firmware (and I haven’t used Homey with previous builds) is handicapping the IR in this manner, it is a disgrace. In fact, Athom is presently selling a product without one of the claimed features.
Since they are releasing a 2.0 in beta chances of fixing this in a 1.5.14 or something is low. 2.0 which also will exclude using the desktop app, if I understand it correctly, and that also feels like a drawback. Personally I would like to use my computer and not a flimsy phone for setup.


Thnx, that’s exactly what i need, to link homey to my pellet stoves. I didn’t know it existed.


Glad I could help! I was also happy to find this out :smiley: