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ThermoFloor / Heatit App (v2.0.2, BETA v2.1.2)


I’ve just uploaded the v2.0.2 update to the app store for approval which will add support for the Heatit Z-Push Button 2 and Z-Push Button 8 devices.

Next update will add the Heatit Z-TRM2fx (currently being tested).

HeatIt scene switch

Hi Ted,

What i can see by other users is that it would be a nice app in Homey.
But not for me, for some reason does it not working at all.
I just see that i have the Heatit TF033 (and not the TF021 as you describe)
Is there a possibility that it will also compatible with the TF033 version.
When i add the HeatIT in my network (Homey) i t will give a response that it could not match it
with a defined device. It will add the device like a basic z-wave device.


Hi Ramon,

Just to check because I can’t find a formal reference to TF033; what is the commercial name of this thermostat? Is it the Z-TRM2 or the Z-wave thermostat with FW 1.92?

Can you share some more details?

Can you also share a screenshot of the productID and productTypeID of this thermostat (when added as a basic Z-wave device)?


Hi Ted,

This is my screenshot, i’m using the Z-Therm2 ( Z-TRM2 )


Ah, that’s the Z-TRM2…

I’m finalizing the Z-TRM2fx driver (also supporting the Z-TRM2), and will be releasing it to the app’s Beta channel in the course of this week.


@TedTolboom this is awesome news!


That’s nice, thank you!


I’ve just uploaded the v2.1.0 release of the ThermoFloor as BETA to the app store (awaiting Athom’s approval).
Changelog as described below:

Likely, this release will remain BETA until Athom fixed the issue with the Z-wave inclusion.
Not expected before Homey SW v2.0.0 hits stable.

Looking forward to see your feedback!


Great news - thanks! Any chance that you will add the Z-Scene Controller anytime soon, now that the Z-Push button devices are included? :slight_smile:


v2.0.3 and v2.1.0 (BETA) are now available in the app store.

@Gundeswan The Z-scene controller is (completely) different to the Z-Push button.

However, it is a re-branded Logic Group ZHC-5002, which is supported in the Logic Home Control app, which also has an excellent developer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Once the current BETA is working properly, I’ll have a look into porting this drive to the Heatit app.

Please mind, I did have some additional time (which was needed for this app) due to the X-mas holiday break.
It will be back to work as of next week.


@Gundeswan do you have the ID’s (Manufacturer ID, Product ID and ProductTypeID ) used by Heatit for the Z-scene Controller?


Here’s the IDs I get when I added the device as a basic Z-wave device:

  • Manufacturer ID = 564
  • Product ID = 268
  • Product type ID = 3

Thanks for the quick reply! Wasn’t aware of the Logic Home Control app :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Highly appreciate if you have time to look into porting the driver at some point!


Consider it done!

Heatit didn’t even update the Manufacturer ID(’s).

So even adding the driver (with these ID’s) to the Heatit app might result in a conflicting situation if both apps are installed. I’ll need to clarify that one with Athom.

For now, just install the Logic Home Control app, and use the ZHC5002 driver; which is providing full support for the Z-Scene controller.

The latest firmware update (recommend to update it, before adding it to Homey) for these devices have been made based on my suggestions :wink:


Perfect - thank you!


Hi Ted,

I’m sorry to tel, but my HeatIt will not be added with the new (beta) version.
It gives a message like: er is iets mis gegaan
then i can’t try it anymore, and need to restart homey.



Hi Ramon,

I received feedback from several users that inclusion get’s timed out several times before being successful.
This is not even device specific, but being reported quite commonly for S2 secured devices (since S2 inclusion is requiring more communication).

Some tips for a successful inclusion:

  • Move Homey to be in close proximity of the Z-TRM2, power-up Homey and wait until all apps are loaded before starting the inclusion (> 20 minutes)
  • The thermostat is more “easy” in accepting an inclusion (INCL shown on the display) then Homey. So if an inclusion fails / times out, first exclude Homey from the thermostat by going to settings > Z-wave > remove node and re-activate the inclusion mode on the thermostat. It will show EXCL on the thermostat and a message on Homey, “successful removed node”
  • You could reset the thermostat afterwards, by pressing the right two buttons simultaneously for 20 seconds until rES is shown on the display

Let me know if this helps…


Hi Ted,

It’s working… thanks.
In the first place i had put homey at 80cm from the heatit unit,… that had better result, but not
enough. then at about 20 cm… and it was connecting well.



Ted you did a great job with the support, really apreciate that. Anyways, I still am having the non measured temperature issue. Homey 2.0 is out and it is stable (I would say :slight_smile: ). Do you think this fix will come any time soon?

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I can’t seem to get any value/readings? Not sure what I’m doing wrong or if there is something broken in general.

Any thoughts? (@TedTolboom)