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Time before a flow is live?


Does anyone know how long it takes before a flow is live after saving? It seems to me that it takes a while before homey put any new changes in a flow to work?


It is live when u pressed the save button and Homey gave feedback. In 1.5.13 that will be when Homey tells u with a popup the flow is saved (in browser that is) and with 2.0 when Homey is goin back to an overview of ur flows. Can u give an example of a flow that has a delay in ur opinion?


I have experienced similar “delays” when adding new flows on Homey 2.0. The new flows ?sometimes? do not trigger until a reboot of the Homey. After I added a new device/flow/app I reboot the Homey to prevent all kinds of strange behaviors…


Do you mean like this?