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Timer (v0.4.3 stable (Homey V1.5) - 0.7.2 beta (Homey V2)) - (FKA Then More) add Timers to temporarily turn on devices


Thanks it works again

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I just tested the timer app (after the change from yesterday a little better than initially). Great app and for several situations indeed better than working with the countdown app.
I do belive I found 2 items not working so well, also put them on github, but sharing for others to see and potentially test as well.

  1. I turned on a lamp with a timer. When I then turn the lamp off with another flow and do not cancel the timer set, it seems it is not possible to turn the lamp back on with the timer app. It looks like it only reacts properly when I also stop the timer when turning off the lamp. I expect the timer to be ignored if the lamp is turned off and should be going on using the timer app.

  2. At some point I changed the name of a lamp and it did not pick up the name change in the flow card. Even the new name or the new device name did not appear. I had to restart the timer app in Homey for it to recognize the new names, whereafter I only than could make the change in the flow cards.


Hi Oskar, I noticed the bug reports in github, and will reply there as well.

Regarding the issues:

  1. This is the TODO as described in the description of the app, so that is correctly noticed. For now you already found the solution, and that is to cancel the running timer.

  2. I didn’t thought about supporting name changes. So it is probably true that you have to restart the app, since I cache the device list in the app as an optimization, introducing this issue. I understand this is not ideal and take a look at how to act on name changes as well, but I guess besides the wrong name, the timer did work?


Aside of the 2 bugs I mentioned, indeed it all works as a charm.
well done !
Thank you


Great app,

Got two suggestions:

  1. Select multiple device to turn on. (instead of multiple then cards.)
  2. Turn on/off over time. (time dim Light goes from 0 to 100 and vice versa)

Keep up the good work :+1:



Your first request is probably harder to implement and configure, than simply adding a second card just like you proposed. Have you maybe some thoughts how this would look like in the configuration, but my guess is this will cost too much effort.

The second suggestion is doable but also makes configuration more difficult, so have to think about that as well


regarding your first suggestion, maybe you can combine my app with: https://apps.athom.com/app/com.swttt.devicegroups


I think I can backport the v0.6.x changes to the Homey V1.5 branch as well, but since I only have one Homey and that runs V2 I cannot test that.

If people want to have the v0.6.x features for Homey V1.5, tell me, and let me know if you can test the app by side-loading it via athom-cli. In that case I will create a branch you can checkout to test


I have a sonoff dual with the name “schuurtje” and it can not be found in the card.

Is this because it has 2 switches in the device?


That will probably be it, but I don’t think it will be hard to add support for these devices as well.
When I have some time I will take a look at the definition of that capability and add an extra card for it, just like for dimmable devices.
However I see you are running 1.5 as well, and I cannot test this anymore, so you should first sideload it via cli in order to test the application.


Congratulations really cool app. The only issue I have is, the motion alarm is detected the timer runs. But if I stay in this area the motion alarm is not cancled means also no new motion detect is triggered. Is there any possibility to avoid this. In my manual flows with the counter I check each time if the timer is zero if the motion alarm is really gone, before I switch off. Otherwise I restart the timer.
Any idea ?
kind regards


For now the work around is to set the detection time of your trigger (motion sensor) very short, to make the change bigger it keeps detecting new motion (even while you stay in the same room), to keep the timer resetting. This is not perfect, but else you’ll end up with just as much flows as with the countdown app if you want to do it right.

The problem is that in Homey, with the ‘if’ -‘and’-‘then’ flow structure, I cannot think of a way to combine a motion-sensor with its 2 states: “motion started” and “motion ended”, and connect that to the functionality: turn on device (and cancel potential running timers) and turn off the device (after the timer has ended).

What I want to do is add a settings page, in which you can define virtual switches, that trigger on (a selection of) your motion-sensor devices. so it can combine the motion-started en ended events combined with the timer delay. Then you can use these switches as a trigger to start your flow.


Hello Community, does anyone know why I can‘t select any of my devices?



There where some bugs in 0.6.2 which caused crashes, and which could also cause empty device overviews. These are fixed in 0.7(.2) which is awaiting approval from athom…


0.7.2 is approved and can be found in the store


i want to update to version 0.7.2 but my app doesn’t show me the new version or “an update is available”-function?!?
actually i have vresion 0.6.2 installed.

so what could i do?


Maybe wait? I have read that it can take some time.

Or else try to look it up at
https://apps.athom.com/app/com.synplyworks.thenmore and switch to the beta and install it from there, I can see it from over there (also without a session)


sometimes it is so easy :))) thx!


I have an issue with controlling lights in a bathroom. The room have one set of dimmable lights and one set of non-dimmable lights.
Lights is triggered my motion.
At daytime the dimmable lights is turned on at 100% and the non-dimmable lights are turned on for 5 minutes. At night the dimmable light is turned on to 5% for 5 minutes, and the non-dimmable lights is not turned on. Timers reset at motion.
The issue is if night mode is turned on when daytime timers is running, the dimmable lights does not dim to 5% when motion is detected. The non-dimmable lights turns off as expected.
When lights have turned off and it is detected motion again, it turns on at the night setting.
Is this intended behavior?


The timers don’t have a night-mode feature, so I guess you have created some flows to set this up, with multiple timer cards for this dimmable light (one day (100%) and one night version (5%)).

You are correct that when a trigger extends the timer for a device, it does not change the light intensity (even though this is from another flow/configuration), since normally the light has already been setup by the initial trigger.

What you can do for now is maybe add a flow for the same trigger; that checks if the light is already on (at 100%) and then set the light to 5%. When you add a feature request in github I have a reminder to add this in a future version.