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Timer (v0.4.3 stable (Homey V1.5) - 0.7.2 beta (Homey V2)) - (FKA Then More) add Timers to temporarily turn on devices

My Night mode is just a Virtual Switch I turn on or off normally by Alexa. The flow checks if the Might mode is Off - then 100% - else 5%.

I will create a request on Github for this issue.

I may have another issue in that new movement does not always reset timer. Most of my lights have two flows. One that checks for movement and start light timer, and another flow that checks for movement stops and then start the same light timer. This normally works as intended, but sometimes the start movement flow times out even if the sensor is in movement alarm, and then the light goes off.
I need to investigate this more before any Github report.

The timer app also has a cancel timer card.
So when the mode changes to nightmode try to cancel the timer for the 100% and start a timer for 5%

Negeer als de lamp al aan staat (ignore if light is already on) function does not seem top work. If u manually switch a light on and then trigger a motion sensor the timer starts and after a while the light is switched off. Do i miss something?

What is the type of the switch? (Is it a 2-way?)
(1-way switches do not give there status to homey)
Please check:
1 manually switch on
2 check the status in homey (is it on)
3 trigger the motion sensor and see if the lights go off

If you comclude the behaviour is wrong, you can post an issue on github.
The link is in the β€œApps” area (where you downloaded the app)

It is a double relais switch ( fibaro ) with no buttons attatched and a eminent pir
I double checked with a Neo coolcam pir and aeotec smartplug gen5.
Could someone confirm a working setup where the ’ ignore when already switched on’ function works. I use the latest stable homey firmware and app version

It is probably because this devices has multiple (sub)device in it.
I will try to check it later, and can probably add support for that as well then

Thanks in advance, let me know if i can be of any help.