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Tips on good remote controls for homey

I use Aqara Cube as a remote control. Homey can use it directly - look for Aqara in Homey Apps.
You can use quite many trigger events - Shake, Doubletap, Slide, Rotate, Flipped 90°or Flipped 180°, each can be conditioned with selection of 6 sides up.
You can control volume/intensity of devices like amplifier or dimmable lights by +/- rotating the cube. To be able to distinguish between devices what you are controlling you can use stickers with icons on top of each of 6 sides. I also force Homey to say, what device I can currently control as the side up was changed.
It is so easy that even my wife was able to use it from beginning and she is using it daily, now. (Usually, she was always complaining that I install something and it is hard to use :slight_smile:).
One disadvantage I see - you should protect the Cube against children - playing with it could make some unwanted effects :smiley:. But it is the same with other remote controls, too…

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I can now confirm Swedish NEXA products are same as NL klikaanklikuit stuff. So I’m uninstalling the NEXA app from Homey now…and yes the NEXA equivalent to the Klikaan AYCT-102 you suggested works really nice!!! -EXACTLY what I were after. Downside is ofc 433Mhz is fully open and offers no security whatsoever but I’ll just pair it with just simple light scenarios so I’m alright with that. Cheers @Fribus !

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You’re welcome. I’m glad it works for you.