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Topic Waiting for an Invite but ordered the Homey Bridge

I have contacted Homey via all possible social channels and by email. It’s really unbelievable, This is my first experience with the products of Homey. Maar wat ik nu allemaal meemaak echt ongelofelijk. Je wordt letterlijk belazerd met je eigen geld. Je koopt een product om het vervolgens niet te kunnen gebruiken. Nergens op hun site kom je ook de disclaimer tegen dat je het niet kan gebruiken zonder invite, omgekeerde wereld??

Well actually…

Schermafbeelding 2021-09-09 om 15.38.44

And next to it:

Besides, it’s not a disclaimer, it’s a (fake) opinion box.

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Ja ik heb ook een bridge en kan hem niet gebruiken. De opmerking over de beta heb ik gelezen maar er staat nergens dat je aan de grillen van Athom bent overgelaten wanneer je deze krijgt. Gezien het feit dat je de bridge kan bestellen mag je verwachten dat de invite in de verpakking zit…helaas niet dus

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It was very clear that the bridge would not work without an invitation code. Please don’t forget that we are in the beta phase. I have now requested several invitations. When I have received this, I can pass the codes on to dissatisfied people in the German forum, as I don’t need a bridge myself. Maybe an idea for the people who don’t need their codes either. :sunglasses:

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I have invited 5 persons now. They say “invite 3 to start today”
Why are they lying?

Sorry, where did you see that?

Actually it only says that in norwegian. After you input your email adress for the waiting list.

Apparently not.



No beta before Sunday then I just send it back.

Is there any way to see what rank you actually are in the queue? I’ve recieved mine today and eventhough the blue ring is indeed pretty, I’d like to actually start using it

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Hmmm :thinking:


Agreed. It would appear to work, but with a limited number of devices. It was very unclear what you needed the ‘beta program’ for. If I would have known it was to activate the device overall, I would probably have waited.

Please share an average waiting time for buyers of the bridge. I love the device, but limited operation was to be expected when you order the device, right?

On a more positive note, the delivery was rather quick, which is good … :wink:

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Has anyone at all received a beta invite yet via asking online I.e. since the keynote?
Or were the existing beta testers pre registered directly?

The alpha testers already testing Homey Pro Firmware where also informed after the Keynote and invited first. but seeing some on Facebook (unboxing and using) I guess a multiple of that number is send out to the first that signed up.

It is difficult to say how much they can send out each day/week keeping Performance good, fixing reported issues and keeping the Supportdesk happy and not overloaded.

So I am pretty sure rollout has Really started, but if it is < 100 or > 1000 Homeys ??? that would really be confidential info in the company.
That’s imo the way all Cloud companies have done releases of new kind of services (Gmail, WhatsApp, FB, etc…).

If they knew how it would scale they probably skipped this but that’s how it works.
Gradually let it grow and watch while feeding …

O, and you can already Check your latency here:

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I am really wondering about this as well! Registered for the beta rather quickly and now I am waiting…but for how long?

That depends on issue’s found and results of upscaleing from the development aand closed testers group to multiples of that. Fe first 2x, 4x, 100’s new users. Etc.

First sign-up that also ordered the bridge got a mail that it said something like it can take 2 weeks or more … or less…

O, I expected it to be sooner. Would still be nice to get some indication.

I understood that a Homey Pro can start experiencing performance issues of you have a lot of apps installed. 20+ or so…which doesn’t seem like a lot to me. Would that also be a huge advantage of this cloud solution? They can easily scale up and out if needed. Or would it still be limited to Homey Pro like capacity? I didn’t find that in the FAQ

My Homey Pro is currently running 45 apps and the memory is not yet full.

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Had 73 apps with 750+ flows and 200+ devices running on a 2016 model.