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Tradfri Motion Sensor

I can’t find why the ikea motion sensors are not supported. They just launched a new cheaper motion sensor with IP44 rating. The old one i couldnt find either.

Does anybody know why this is?

I think you just answered you own question.
“They just launched…”.
It takes time to implement new hardware.

No sorry, i also mean the old motion sensor that is out for months.

The motion sensor is a steering device, which means that it directly communicates with light bulbs. I think Homey’s Zigbee implementation cannot handle these devices (the same is true for the 5-button remote, which also isn’t supported; I don’t know what makes the rotating dimmer special, because that device is supported).

I read about a hack where someone paired the motion sensor with a bulb that had its LED’s removed (so it wouldn’t light up, but it would still update its on/off status to the controller; it was basically used as a proxy the communicate the state of the motion sensor).

This is the new model it has an slightly bigger sensor

Would like to see that added to the app.