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TRÅDFRI Snelkoppelknop

Hi all,

Today IKEA presented the new device TRÅDFRI Snelkoppelknop. I think it would be a brilliant add on for Homey to launch flows etc. My question is, will it be supported and when?

Now why is it brilliant to buy a wireless IKEA switch, and the IKEA hub, for starting flows on Homey?
Why not just buy the Aqara wireless switch? @TedTolboom made a brilliant app for that, that’s true!


Damm… they presented TODAY, and you already exepct a date when its supported? At least give them some time.

And also a request for new devices should not be done in the forum ( athom apps)… so please contact them directly. How? I say search :+1:

When will the 5-button remote and the dimmer switch be supported? Those have been available for many many months already :stuck_out_tongue:

Nothing to do with the “snelkoppelknop” question :wink: what a name by the way :joy::joy: