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Trashcan Reminder 2.0


I am a happy user of the trashcan reminder app but the last weeks it doesnt work anymore…
Am I the only one with this problem?
I have restart the app en restart homey.
In settings I have data in the debug part:

But when I test the flow it shows the following sign:

Any suggestions on what to do next?


I have the same issue.
Do you use Afvalwijzer?

There is a bug report at the moment: https://github.com/robertraaijmakers/com.trashchecker/issues/45
But nobody to fix it.


You get the exclamation if the condition is not met, if there’s no garbage collected today. If you inverse the cards, I expect them to give green checkmarks.


Ah, i didn’t see that one… yes i use Afvalwijzer.
I dont think i can help with fixing a bug so ik will wait untill someone has time tot fix it.


Thanks, but the problem is that there was collection of paper that day…
but i will wait for someone to fix it as stated at github.