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Trigger Google Home device in Homey?

Hi guys,

Don’t know if you can help out, but it is worth a go!

I have several Adax heaters in my home. These heaters are as of now not possible to control in Homey. Adax just released Google Home support, making the heaters visible and controlable with Google Home/Google assistant.

My wish is of course to try to find a workaround to be able to control the heaters in Homey. At least to some extent.

Possible questions could be:
Is it possible that a i.e. a flow in Homey could trigger a action in Google Home?
Are there some potential workarounds using Homey to trigger ifttt, and then Google Home?
Are there other potential workarounds?

Good home doesnt expose itself to other devices… therefore none of those ideas will work…

It’s down to Adax exposing themselves to other devices like homey

I don’t know how the google home automations works. But, maybe you can try to create a virtual Device in homey. And then link the VD with the heater within google home using google home rules.

I recived info from Adax a few dags ago that they are working on app for Homey and HA. They will try release it before new year.