Turn on the AppleTV with Homey



Is it possible to make a app that at least can turn on a AppleTV?

I can turn it on with my TV, but its a old one, and it’s difficult and unreliable to turn on my AppleTV.

Each card has a delay, the thing is that when i turn on my TV, it takes a while before it finds the HDMI CEC source from my Apple TV, so all and all it takes 30 seconds to turn on my AppleTV.

This is my flow now:

And sometimes it sends a command twice, for example the “down” command, which results in selecting the wrong source.

Is there anyone who has the skills to build a app for this? I’d be happy to donate :slight_smile:


Anyone? bump:sweat_smile:


I use the IR command function from atv 4k , added a new ir device with a device that i do not have, this virtual ir i learned on via the settings on atv , that would ve the first way .
otherwise if you had an okd atv 3 remote you can learn them on homey and power on atv via ok button - this is the second way
and when you control your tv with homey then activate hdmi-cec control in booth devices , when tv switch to hdmi it power on atv and switch back to tv or else put him to stand by mode.
third way
and last but not least use virtual device + atv control from homekit app in combination like precense .


you can turn on apple tv 4 with via http
http://apple-tv-ip:3689/login?pairing-guid=Appletv serial no.