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[Tutorial] Presence detection with bluetooth beacon



Maybe i dont understand it correclty, but is it possible that the beacon app in homey will not work at the same time as the app on my iphone?


I’ve tried without the Tile-app. Still disappears after a while.


same here


Just bought the TIle mate. Also the same problem. After 1 minute Homey says the Tile is not detected anymore. In the Tile app it is still visible.


They have a range of 5 meter without obstruction


Only Homey can detect the BLE beacons in the app for now.


If a BLE beacon is connected to a device (phone) it cannot be discovered anymore and the app set the device as away.


I bought the Tile Mate, but I think I was a but too enthusiastic. Here too, the Tile disappears from Homey, but is visible in the Tile App on my phone.

How to use it with Homey?


Thanks for the tip, Koktail. First time I added the Tile, it was without registering it in the Tile-app. Did not do any difference. Seems like Tile is getting a timeout after x seconds. As said earlier, if I hit the button on Tile, it appears again (detected: yes).


The print of the nrf51822 will fit in a itag ble beacon housing with a little modification… :sunglasses:



First of all, thks for spending time to making the app.

Sadly it doesnt work, at least for me.
Disabeld the tile in tile phone app, and setup 2 simple flows for testing.

Beacon in range send push, and beacon out of range send push.

When gonna leave my house i see that homey sets the beacon as undetected, but no push is send. And yes the flow is correct.

When coming home, it is detected and sending me a push. But i have to be in a few meters of homey.

Could be ofcourse that the range is larger but that it take to many time to connect, didnt test that. And only because if it does its not gonna work also for presence detection.

So it was worth to try it out, but i keep my old detection system with a simple bluetooth switch connected to a neo coolcam door sensor.

When my phone comes in range, the switch switch the door sensor and sets homey at home just before iam at my door. 100 % score for over a few months.


Another thing i notice at this moment… yesterday i installed the beacon app… and notice homey gets a lot slower with showing things at the screen. didnt think about it further

Now i decided to remove the beacon app, because iam not gonna use it at this moment (see reassons above this reply)

And after removing the app from homey, inmeddetly the homey app gets faster again. could be coincidence. But i think its worth to mention it


@RoyWissenburg you can check with the developer tools the amount of resources an app is using…



Already had removed the beacon app.


I meant with this graph:
https://developer.athom.com/tools/app-profiling and then select com.koktail.beacon app


ahhh my mis understanding, but as said already did removed the app


I am using version 1.0.12 with 2 tile pro’s.

100% working, memory usages is 29.84 MB


After removing the beacon in the app it works perfect.
Usage is 19Mb


Hi guys, anyone experience with the Nutfind and the Beacon plugin? https://www.nutfind.com/


Did you use v1.0.13? And what settings did you use?