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[Tutorial] Presence detection with bluetooth beacon



Are there people that use the app with another beacon as described in the readme?
Will you please share your experience of the range in the app’s topic? That way other people can make a good choice of using the correct beacons.


To be onest, dont have a clue wich version. Just installed it from the appstore. Settings i didnt changed anything.

Gonna test again next weekend.


I’m curious also


Just did some testing again, and yes using v1.0.13 mem use around 20 so thats oke.

But its stil not working wich setting i trying. Its laying next to homey and after a few minutes its become undetected and only coming back when pushing the tile button.


Same here


This is a snip from a post on another forum made by HappyBubbles (that used to make a very interesting product based on BLE beacon detection) HappyBubblesPost:
“A peripheral like your Tile will ‘advertise’ its services, basically sending a broadcast for anyone to hear, when it’s not connected to anything. But as soon as it connects to something, like your phone, it will then stop advertising. Because it’s connected. So that explains why you see it when you turn Bluetooth off your phone. If you don’t plan to use Tile with your phone and only want it for detection, you could forget it from the Bluetooth settings of the phone to not pair with it anymore, and then you could keep seeing the advertisements.”


Hello, the parts go into standby mode if they are not paired with something.
I had with my Gigaset Keeper too.
Just install the app, pair your phone and beacon and then uninstall the app.
Then they will not go to standby anymore.

Hallo, die teile gehen in den Standbymodus wenn sie nicht mit etwas gepaart sind.
Hatte ich mit meinen Gigaset Keeper auch.
Einfach die App installieren, Handy und beacon paaren und danach die App deinstallieren.
Dann gehen sie nicht mehr in den Standby.


I just received my Nut Find 3 but am not able to connect it to the Beacon app (it does not show up). Any tips/guidance would be very welcome :slight_smile:.


This is great! Thank you.

I’m making a review of the Tile Pro on my blog. So adding this would be great. But after adding the beacon the detection is not working. When i leave the house and check it after 30 min. is still says i’m home.

Is this a know issue? Do you have a solution?

I already tried to re-add the beacon but the problem is still there.


What version do you use? Did you check the beacon’s state (inside/outside range)?


Hi, i’m using: v1.0.13. Yes, in the APP of the Tile they (got 2) are both gone.

If i look in to homey’s insights then one is away and the other is gone. But the state of one is not changed and the other changed to but not at the right time. So it looks like the homey is not changing the state like it should.

If you need anymore information… just ask.


I’ve never have that experience with the beacon app. Have you tried to remove and add the beacons again? Have you tried to restart the app again? Have you tried to reboot homey?

What settings do you use for:

Update settings
The delay between reading sensor values in seconds. (default 10 seconds)

Discovery timeout
The amount of seconds that is given to discover the beacons. (5 seconds)

The amount of verifications the app need to mark a beacon inside the range. (1 time)

The amount of verifications the app need to mark a beacon outside the range. (5 times)

You can try to use a discovery timeout of 10 seconds, that way Homey has more time to discover the devices.

Note: We are spamming the tutorial topic, if there is a problem try to use the app’s topic: Beacon - Using BLE beacons for presence detection