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Tuya Cloud app

@Jurgen_Heine and @Dikootje do you know what problem this is ?

i think i haven`t waited long enough. the unit self does what i needs to do. only up and down are no right for my modle is that something you can add to switch it?

Exellent work!

They work for me also the switch but up and down are upside down up is down and down is up

Sorry wrong discussion.

@Mark1541 and @Wesley_Witjes I will look if it’s possible to make a setting to turn arround those buttons. Otherwise I add a new device with those buttons turned arround. No ETA yet, just moved into new house, so time is limmeted.

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Great thank you

Thank u!!

A new version is now on test. This version has a device setting to switch the buttons. I don’t own a cover myself so I could not test it. Please let me know if it’s working. Otherwise send error report.

Tested right away works great!!

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