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Tuya Zigbee App

I just uploaded a new version of the app, in this version I have totally rewritten the way clusters are accessed so you might need to remove and pair the devices again. On the upside this change should be a very positive one with more stable code! :smiley:

v.0.1.3, only for firmware 5. https://homey.app/a/com.tuya.zigbee/test

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Thank you! My app auto-updated and temperature sensor started to work immediately. THANK YOU!

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Hmm unfortunately can not add any device
Trying termometer and door sensor. It does not start pairing when initiate and holding button :worried: restarted homey and app.

EDIT: There must be general zigbee issue, since I can not add any zigbee device (tried with xiaomi button switch) and not able to pair too.

Hi. When will new devices be supported?

I just removed my tuya temperature sensor and added it again. No problems at all.

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Thank you Johan, the blitzwolf lcd sensord are working perfect now.

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Hi @olezha85, any specific device you are missing? I have a list of devices that I am about to add. I will update the initial post with info.

New device added in v.0.1.4: Smart Plug - TS0121
Test and verify! If the unit is not behaving as it should, please do an interview and send me the info in pm.