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The Homey app generates a token to communicate with Twinkly. I can image that this could interfere with using Twinkly through the app at the same time. You could try changing the effect with the Homey app making sure you have close/killed the smartphone app to avoid any conflicts. I have not experienced this myself though and you are the first to report this. Reading you have other issues with effects as well that are not related to the Homey app my guess is that there might be something wrong with your Twinkly lights.

Hmm, so yours don’t “restart” the animations after a while?
The glow effect restarts every 15 seconds, the Rainbow effect seems to restart every 2 minutes or so.
It’s smooth all the time between, but doesn’t loop smoothly, instead kinda “resets” the animation. Like a poorly made loop GIF.

That is the twinkly module itself, seen the same behaviour on my twinkly, even before this app existed (Christmas 2017).
Animations aren’t long enough/calibrated properly for some lengths of strings.

Like Caseda mentions, I see this behavior as well but that is just how Twinkly works. The loops are not “seamless”. If that is what you meant then it’s not an issue. I still can’t explain the issues you have with the Twinkly Homey app though.

It lights up completely white for 0.1 seconds after a few minutes, right? I have exactly that behaviour and didn’t connect it to Homey yet. It’s annoying but I think it’s indeed a bug in Twinkly.

Exactly. My 175 strings act like that. I feel that is a flaw with the product.

Yes, I got this error everytime I used the app while it was added to Homey:

Hi! I’m curious if this app still works ok? It’s almost chrismas again, and I’m looking for new Christmas lights. It’s extra cool if the lights can be controlled with Homey.

I use it with my Twinkly String, however it can only turn it on/off and not changing effects. I see that Twinkly has come with new versions (Generation II) but don’t know if this is supported by the current app version.

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When I have some time I’ll check it with my first generation Twinkly. Last time I checked also the effects worked so I don’t know what changed over the year. I also don’t know if the second generation is supported. Somebody would have to test that.

I was mistaken, changing effects has never been implemented. Turning on and off will probably work for generation 2 Twinkly as well. Not sure if I will be able to add more functionality.


Just got some gen 1 for cheap, and I’m loving them! On/off with Homey works fine, but of course more options would be awesome :+1:t2: