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Ui-library for the app settings page in Homey v2


@SailingDuck asked @Emile about this and I added a link to this topic on slack, but it’s totaly ignored. Also, other questions to improve the UI/UX are shot down too with in my opinion bullshit reasons.

Information on a device:

Lost space and bad looking UI in settings:

Also, we shouldn’t try to mimic the iOS look, @Emile told me,… I’m not sure what to say, but something in my head tells me I’ve seen the apps design somewhere before…

Long story short: it seems we, community developers, need to fix this ourselves because support and understanding from Athoms side is lacking.

(Sorry for being negative but its so frustrating to spend my spare time on building apps that help Homey users, and thus Athom, and getting no support nor recognition from Athom. Athom should really pay more attention to their users and the community)


If Bootstrap is already loaded by, and/or shipped with, the mobile app, it seems to me that that would be a reasonable choice.


Don’t know if its loaded with the mobile app. But the css was already used for the settings page of the app.