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Unable to add Fibaro Walli Dimmer

How about reverting back the homey core OS? My theory is that this fault was introduced in Version 3.1.0, but I have no clue how to downgrade to earlier release. So I can’t verify this.

You can’t downgrade.

You can try Homey v3.1.1-rc.1
But take care it’s a experimental release.

I’m now on the release candidate. Same issue.

Nope also no result

I have just bought the homey and three fibaro walli dimmers. And I run into the same issue. Wondering what to do: bring back the units, wait for upgrade (but from who? Fibaro or homey).

Any thoughts? Or did anybody solved the issue?

No solution in sight… Also, radio silence from Athom.

You could wait for a homey upgrade, but I feel they didn’t even take this issue seriously. (I gave them a very detailed post and got a ‘rtfm’ answer for my effort.)
The issue seems to be with homey, as it used to work with the walli dimmers. So I don’t think a fibaro update will resolve this. Also, you need a fibaro hub to be able to update the firmware of the walli dimmer units.

I decided to return the walli dimmer and will most likely go for a different solution.

The new Firmware 3.1.1 version released today does not solve the issue.

I can also confirm that latest 3.1.1 is not helping to resolve this issue.

I have just send a support request to Fibaro. Might help if others do (again) the same?
Will keep you posted.

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Support replied. So waiting game

Boaz (Athom)

Dec 3, 13:36 CET

Hi Stefan‍,

Thank you for reporting this issue, and our apologies for your inconvenience!

This issue is already reported by other users and Development is working hard to fix this issue.

We hope to resolve this problem with the next update of the Fibaro app.
Best Regards,


The Athom support team.

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Same problem here…