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Unable to connect Homey to new wifi network (NETGEAR ORBI)

I’ve recently installed a new router, a Netgear Orbi RBR40. Ever since i’m unable to connect homey to my wifi network.

My setup is as follows i got a Experia box v10a and i’ve connected the orbi on the experia box. I tried everything i could think off: change the SSID to only alphabetic characters, changed the password to only alpha numeric, changed the orbi from router to accespoint mode (it currently still is). I’ve reset homey a couple of times but nothing helped. Homey keeps saying: “sorry maar ik kon niet verbinden met dat wifi netwerk” (unable to connect).

My knowledge on networks isn’t that great so maybe I did something wrong or there is a simple solution. I’d love to hear it…

Ur also sure it’s just a 2.4ghz network as Homey hates the 5ghz network?

Its a dual band network It has 5ghz as well as 2.4ghz. It is not possible to turn the 5ghz network of. It is possible to tone its network strenght down to 25% which i’ve tried but it didnt help

Just to make sure, it is not homey issue. Try to start a hotspot on your smartphone, could homey connect to it?
Did you tried to use the same SSID and password as in previous router?

For some reason i’m unable to launch a hotspot on my iPhone, so i’m unable to try that unfortunately. I still have the experia box would it help if i turned its wifi back on and connect to his network?

Okay, it took some troubleshooting and i still don’t know what solved the problem but i was able to connect homey.

through the advanced settings on the admin panel i did the following http://orbilogin.com/adv_index.htm (standard username: admin standard password: password)

i’ve placed the orbi in AP mode (accesspoint)
i’ve turned off co-existentie 20/40 mhz
at the 5gh settings i turned of all the selectionboxes and turned the signal strength down to 25%

now i was able to connect homey. Lets hope it still works when i turn everything back on.

UPDATE: Still able to connect, it seems the problem is solved. Has anyone any clou what the trick was for people with the same problem?

  • Turn off 5ghz
  • Lower the power on 5ghz
  • Start a hotspot on a 2.4ghz phone with the same SSID and keep it very close to Homey
  • Turn on any old router with only 2.4ghz with the same SSID (and internet connection)

It’s just that Homey somehow can’t see the difference between 2.4ghz and 5ghz SSID. And with Orbi that is even worse, because it is a meshing system and there will always be a 5ghz satellite nearby.
Once Homey is connected via 2.4ghz and saved the network it should be fine.