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Unauthorized Tado thermostat and thermostatic


i just installed the 3.0 version of the tado-app. everything looks good except the home status of my mobil (iphone 8) . i deletes the thermostates in homy and readded them, but:

“no_mobil” is displayed at the devicecard. anyone else with that problem? ptp? or known issue?


Same problem here…
Deleted and reinstalled the app without result.
Homey Firmware Versie: 1.5.13


The devices still thrown off…and authirize again with the phone give error: Not able to authorize, wrong token
Ver. 3.0.0

Homey v. 1.5.13



This does seem to be fixed with Homey V2-rc9 so not sure if it will get updated again to work with V1.x.x
There is still one issue with the hot water temperature in V2 but apart from that it’s working well.


Will update to homey V2 in the first week of january. perhaps tado-app will then act as aspected


Just be aware of the other V2 limitations at the moment. Rc9 is good but is still experimental.


Thx @Adrian_Rockall i know but i think i have now all Apps ready for v2 and i read all the time at slack and here. So i think i will update soon :wink:

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Should still be fixed for stable, as for me, I don’t care about v.2 since it is experimental and will be for long time yet.

When v.2 is released as stable, then i will update, not before, and as i see it, the stable version should still be maintained!!


I agree but as it was broken for 9 months in V1 and now all attention is on V2 I have my doubts. I hope I’m wrong for your sake.


He he, I agree


Problem solved by deleting app and re-install app

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I have the same no_mobile issue after some kind of crash problem with the Homey, maybe storage was full, I deleted all insights, but reinstall app Tado does nog solve it.

Version 3.0.2 Tado
Version 1.5.13 Homey.


update homey to 2.0.5 :wink:

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Hi, currently having this issue as well, did you find a solution?


Working fine in homey 2.1.2 and tado 3.0.3.
What versions are you using?


Latest versions as well.

Verzonden vanaf Samsung-tablet.

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