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[Unsupported] Homey v2 REST API


The error was on my side. I’ve got one Homey but two Homeys registered on my account. When I selected the active one and looked for the bearer I got the correct one.


Anyone already figured out of it’s possible to read and/or update variables from the Logic functionality?


Did you check out https://developer.athom.com/docs/api/HomeyAPI.ManagerLogic.html?


I’m trying to get the measure_temperature value from a sensor. I would figure it would be indeed something like this:

GET: http://<HomeyIP>/api/manager/devices/device/<device_id>/capability/measure_temperature

Unfortunately this does not work, anyone any idea how to do this?

It looks like there is no getCapabilityValue method under the device class. You will need to get it from the result of the device itself which holds a capabilities object.


Anyone an idea as to why there isn’t any official REST API?
There used to be one on V1 so I don’t understand why there isn’t any on V2…


You could parse the output of the api call https://<HomeyIP>/api/manager/devices/device/<device_id> for “capabilitiesObj/measure_temperature/value”

I don’t know if you already looked into it?

    "capabilitiesObj": {
      "measure_temperature": {
        "value": 17.1,
        "lastUpdated": "2019-02-16T14:06:48.855Z",
        "type": "number",
        "getable": true,
        "setable": false,
        "title": "Temperature",
        "desc": null,
        "units": "°C",
        "decimals": 2,
        "chartType": "spline",
        "id": "measure_temperature",
        "options": {}


Yes, but thanx anyway.