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Updated to version 2.0 - No contact with Homey


Since I downloaded version 2.0 of Homey to IOS and upgraded Athom Homey I have lost all contact with it. It does not respond at all! What am I doing now? Can I somehow restore it and start from scratch?


What color is the led-ring?

Can you ‘contact’ it through https://developer.athom.com/ ?


The led-ring is off.

When I try it´s responding “Homey Offline”.


Something is wrong, that’s clear…

If the ring is not purple, it’s not updating.
Has it been purple during the update?

I would just pull the plug for a minute…


Solution: https://www.athom.com/en/support/KB000026/


It’s up and running again now?
Still on 1.5 or did it install 2.0?


Up and running with 2.0.


Great! :slight_smile: