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UPS for homey and router

I currently have no UPS or similar things setup for my Homey and Wifi Router.
Since Homey is responsible for runing flows which helps in the case of emergency (Adjust lights, turn on siren etc.) it seems dumb to not implement redundancy incase of power outages.

What setups are common to use?
Are there any Gotchya’s I need to watch out for when considering buying a UPS?
Is there a different more prefered approach I should consider?

I assumed this to be a common use case but the “Your topic is similar to…” seemed to indicate otherwise.

Hello @Maz, welcome ! I fully agree with you :grinning: You could consult similar topic Homey powerbank. At my side I went through similar thinking and did some research about it; I am currently testing a UPS solution, it is promising, I will post next week my results to the referenced topic.