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Use soundboard file to cast to Google Home

Set volume to zero, cast mp3 and set volume back to where u want it.

There is no seperate volume setting, it’s message, volume and language, all in one card!

Ow ok. When using the hub u can set volume in a flow card.

Yes, I think that Caseda is right. When receiving a cast request as a Google speaker, it is programmed to behave, in my case, annoying :-). But offcourse I get why this setting is active.

Thanks for your replies.

Anyone experiencing Google Home not playing the mp3? The annoying bleep sound is played, but the mp3 is not. The mp3 is stored locally on Homey, file permissions seem right, it can be played from a browser. Anyone?

@ntongeren Depends how you play it. If you are using the Chromecast app try casting the mp3 URL with the Cast Website flow card.

Awesome, thanks, that works!

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yes, I have the same problem. And it also doesn’t work with cast a website. Don’t know what I am doing wrong.

If I copy the URL from FileZilla is it an ftp adress. So I changed to http://
Or is it because I use 5081 instead of 5080?

Did you also changed ftp to http?


this is the working one!! (use Webpage and 5080 is right for HTTP)

thx, but did you have to change ftp to http? My URL that I copy from FZ is a ftp url.

Yes use http ( from FZ you use 5081 and then you get FTP, port 5080 is http )

Hello Louis,

FTP and HTTP use different ports; you have probably uploaded the mp3 using FTP to port 5081; downloading it (read: playing it) goes over HTTP and that uses port 5080. You can test it by pasting the URL in a browser (chrome, firefox, etc.) and see if that works. If so, Homey should be able to play it too.

Thx both, will test it and let something know. Hope it works.

Grrrrr. If i connect to port 5081, no problem to connect
If I want to connect to port 5080 I get: connection finished because 20 sec of inactivity.

Port 5080 you use in a brouwser and in Homey flow.

Nope, doesn’t work:

And when I paste my link in Mozilla I get this:

on my phone, in Chrome browser, when I type my URL, I hear the bell ring on my phone. May be your file is not where it should be?

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how do you mean?