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Use soundboard file to cast to Google Home

That’s strange. Well. I see some errors related to the connection but I cannot make any sense out of them. How large was the file you tried to upload?

the file i used wat about 15 mb
the new one was about 2 mb

hm. just uploaded a 40mb file and it worked fine. Strange. Well, as long as it works for you now :slight_smile:
On a sidenote: I noticed you are running on a RC of v5. The “stable” v5 has been released already.

Doubt that is related to the problem though. But you never know :smiley:

i just try with another file and same… not working (the first one is still working…)
so i guess its a problem on my side
i try to find it out.

mmm what do u mean by RC?

Release Candidate of the Homey firmware: v5.0.0-rc.64

Please drop me a note if you find the root cause of the problem. Would like to know as well.

oh ok
so first i will update
and keep trying and figure it out

thanks again for all the help!

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just updating working fine here
i accidently did cast an audio again rather than cast website


Sorry that it took some time to respond. I see that everything is working already.

Though I wanted to get back to you because in the future you can use WinSCP for accessing Homey.

File Protocol: FTP
Encryption: No encryption
Host name: IP of Homey
Port number: Standard this will be 5081
Check “Anonymous login”

Last thing you need to do is click on “advanced” and then select “Connection” in the left menu. In this menu UNCHECK “Passive mode”. Then try again. Sure it will work.




ohh thankyou so much
the uncheck from passive mode made the difference and its now working perfectly

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FYI, 2 days ago I successfully casted a audio URL from the Micro Web server. Didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. It just worked. I triple checked I was casting an audio URL and not the webpage card. After a Homey restart, pfffff the same “promise was rejected” error.

But I got a little further by messing around a bit.

Changing the “http” to “Http” makes the error go away, but produces no sound casting an audio URL card.

The good part is I was able to regenerate the error trying to cast an audio URL card from my nas. I made a typo misstake in the URL and that gave the same error. Also trying “http” gave the same error. Now I enabled https login on my nas and then tried https://nas-ip/path-to-mp3 and boom, it worked. Switched back to “http” and gave the error.

So, “http”, error
A random typo misstake, error

“Http”, no error, but also no sound casting with the cast audio URL card.

“https” works.

Maybe it can help!



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That’s pretty strange behaviour. Thanks for sharing this info. Interresting :thinking:

Thanks a bunch. Added that to the FAQ


Just read this post and thought I give it a shot.

I tested with multiple mp3 files. When opening the http URL in a Chrome Browser (Windows 10) all my mp3’s are opened as:

innerHTML: "<head><meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width"></head><body><video controls="" autoplay="" name="media"><source src="http://ip-address:5080/deurbel.mp3" type="audio/mpeg"></video></body>"

namespaceURI: "http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"

outerHTML: "<html><head><meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width"></head><body><video controls="" autoplay="" name="media"><source src="http://ip-address:5080/deurbel.mp3" type="audio/mpeg"></video></body></html>"

The html is generated by chrome automatically based on the mime type the server sends.
It is not generated by the WebServer app itself.

Clear! Thank you.