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Velux KLF 200 instead of Somfy Connexoon

Hi! I have 5 Somfy io-motors, at the moment connected to a Somfy Connexoon. I hate that device. The app is horrible and partly French, all communication goed via Somfy’s server instead of local commands. A couple of weeks ago this resulted in the screens not going up when it started raining, when Somfy experienced server problems… Sadly, the io-motors are a closed protocol.

I found the Velux KLF 200, an io-homecontrol Gateway that does work locally. But I can’t find any recent topics about this. I’d like to know if anybody uses the Velux KLF 200 with Homey, because I want to adjust my screens locally, independent of any 3rd party server or internet connection.

You already had a look at https://homey.app/nl-nl/app/com.somfy.tahoma/Somfy-TaHoma/
Supported devices / services with most common parameters:

  • IO vertical exterior blinds
  • IO roller shutters
  • IO horizontal awnings
  • IO exterior venetian blinds
  • Velux IO roof windows
  • Velux IO blinds
  • Velux IO roller shutters

Yes I did, but unfortunately no local communication… only via their servers.

I’ve got some Somfy IO stuff as well. Don’t have the device you mentioned but I did read about someone who combined a “local” io remote with a zwave controlled relay switch. In other words: used the zwave relay to “press” the remote control button. This would be a local solution. Read it on this forum somewhere. Would probably require some soldering to hook up the relay to the remote control button.

I found this one: https://community.smartthings.com/t/connected-somfy-blinds-to-smartthings-for-under-80-with-linear-relays-guide-with-pictures/34303

One thing to figure out is how to work with 4 different channels and the stop function :wink: I often use the set_position in Homey which is midway of the window. After all, the Velux KLF 200 might be the cheaper option. I’ll wait for some more information.