Venetian blinds + Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 + Fibaro Athom B.V. - No Rotation control


Hi all,

I brand new here and new to Homey so hi to everyone :slight_smile:
Hi all,

Originally I purchased Homey so I can control some Somfy 240V blinds rotation as well as lift. Originally I was using lightwaverf inline relays however because these are latch I couldn’t do anything with the blind rotation.

So I’m using the Fibaro shutter 2 module and not using any hardware switches and just using it remotely however the app /driver written for homey there is again no control written for slat rotation, therefore I can’t set anything in software to automate or control rotation at all.

Is there any thoughts on this control being written in much like the control that is available in Fibaro Home center below using Roller Shutter 2


If I can’t get this working and as much as I really love Homey, it’s going to have to go back unfortunately.
Any help or ideas would much appreciated.