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Hello, I like to control my kodi on my pc using Google assistant in Dutch. For now, there is no real solution for that.

So I was wondering, can I install a virtual device like a TV or speaker to homey, give that the name kodi, sync my devices with Google and control it with my voice?

I have tried to add a virtual TV but that is not visible in Google home. Also not after re-sync.

As long you added it as light ,your good to go

Lights are the only devices that are synced with Google home?

Plugs also

Hello, I don’t see multi mode device anymore in the app. Is it removed?

See Release history

Indeed. I couldn’t get it to work properly in Homey2.0, so I disabled adding new multimodes. But the devices already added should remain working.

Okay thanks. Missed that

I want to show the percentage of my electric car battery in a virtual device.
Homey has the capability of ‘measure_battery’ but I cannot find it in the Virtual Device library.
Is that correct or am I missing something?

Thanks Roy. I am using this app but can not find a virtual device in its library with the battery capability (in percentage). That’s why I am looking for a way to have a virtual device with this capability.

Did you even click on the link😂

Yes I did. :slight_smile: I know and use the app. In the app are a lot of sensors with a lot of capabilities. But I haven’t found the ‘measure_battery’ capabilty unfortunately.

Nevermind, your right, iam the one that cant read :rofl:

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I have a Virtual Device Motion sensor that I cant get to work.
I got this message from my Mosquitto server when the ESP reacts on motion:
It comes into Mosqitto as 1 or 0
I then use a function to let 1=true and 0=false and into boolean format.
Then node-red publish into this.
esp-lekrum/movement/yorn true
But now its in string format.
So when I do my flow in Homey it dont update the sensor, probaly because “true” is in string format??
If I have read right here the text should be alarm_motion as text in boolean format.

Today I received the first time a notice in homey for virtual devices “this type of device might not be supported in the future”. Anyone here any idea why? And what this means for all the nice multi modes we’re using?

Is it related to the removal of adding new multi modes?

BR, Tom

Any chance to get it working again in the future? :slight_smile:
I’d love to add at least another two multi modes… :grin:

Helo all. Sorry for asking this but can you give some examples on the benefits of VD ? I have read through some of the post but I just can’t figure out the usage of VD.

Two ways I use it:

  1. I have a “dumb” ceiling fan that works via infrared remote. Using a Broadlink RM Pro+ connected to Homey, I can send these infrared commands. I made a VD called “Ceiling fan” and linked it to flows (ceiling fan VD turns on, send the “on” command) so that it mimics a smart device.

  2. I use Google Homes throughout the house, but Google Assistant can’t directly trigger Homey flows. Homey’s virtual devices CAN controlled via Google Home, though. This means I can tell Google something like, “hey Google, turn on sleep mode” and in Homey use a flow like “sleep mode turns on -> everybody is marked as asleep.” Or “certain virtual device turns on -> run a specific flow.”