Vision z-wave Door Lock


i bought a vision z-wave door lock, tried to connect with homey but couldn’t get it to work, can anyone help me please


Did you check if there is an app for it ??
I think its not (yet) supported by the community


Hi Jaxc,
you are right there is no app for the brand, i was wondering if there is any other way


You could make the app yourself :wink:


Always first check the athom app store. before your buying something that you want to connect with your homey.


There is an app for this manufacturer already. BUT! the locks are not in this app.

I took over the app form someone, but I am not skilled enough to program the lock.


i wish someone can program the lock but i am not skilled , i guess i’ll have to wait for the developers to add the product ( ZM1702) in the new update