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VISION ZD2102-5 (Gen5) Door/window sensor


Hi all expert’s and everybody else!!!

Is the external switch input (not the magnet) on ZD2102 working on Homey, and do the existing app working for Gen5 version: VISEZD21025 ?

Actually I need a universal Gen5 dry contact sensor, I have a device with a relay that I would be able to monitor by Homey, maybe somebody have some other suggestion!

Thanks in advance


I have now received my ZD21025 and it’s not working in Homey, i got “invalid_commandClass_COMMAND_CLASS_SENSOR_BINARY” when i try to include the sensor to Homey, i have tested to exclude the sensor, reset the sensor, reinstall the app, restart the Homey - no luck!

Any suggestions?



@Priknr1 :


Thanks, I believe that this would solve my problem, then I am new with Homey, please explain shortly what and how should I do to implement your suggestion.

Thanks in advance


No solution, just calling @Priknr1 as he wrote the app :slight_smile:


Ok, thanks




i dont know if this information is needed


All my apps (not as may as it may sound) need a rewrite to SDK2.
For now, the Secure/horstmann app seems to workas it is just fine in homey 2.0

Appearantly zwave.me is not.

Right now I am away from home for work, and am not able to dive into it all.
But frankly, when I get home, I dont know when I find the time to teach myself how to rewrtie it all into SDK2 for homey 2.0
I am not that much of a programmer, I merely copy/pasted some stuff to get these apps to work for the devices I have myself.And from there, I added some other stuff for people asking me back than.

So it would be great to find some other programmer here, who is willing to rewrite these apps.