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VISION ZD2102-5 (Gen5) Door/window sensor


Hi all expert’s and everybody else!!!

Is the external switch input (not the magnet) on ZD2102 working on Homey, and do the existing app working for Gen5 version: VISEZD21025 ?

Actually I need a universal Gen5 dry contact sensor, I have a device with a relay that I would be able to monitor by Homey, maybe somebody have some other suggestion!

Thanks in advance


I have now received my ZD21025 and it’s not working in Homey, i got “invalid_commandClass_COMMAND_CLASS_SENSOR_BINARY” when i try to include the sensor to Homey, i have tested to exclude the sensor, reset the sensor, reinstall the app, restart the Homey - no luck!

Any suggestions?



@Priknr1 :

Vision ZD2102-5 not working

Thanks, I believe that this would solve my problem, then I am new with Homey, please explain shortly what and how should I do to implement your suggestion.

Thanks in advance


No solution, just calling @Priknr1 as he wrote the app :slight_smile:


Ok, thanks




i dont know if this information is needed


All my apps (not as may as it may sound) need a rewrite to SDK2.
For now, the Secure/horstmann app seems to workas it is just fine in homey 2.0

Appearantly zwave.me is not.

Right now I am away from home for work, and am not able to dive into it all.
But frankly, when I get home, I dont know when I find the time to teach myself how to rewrtie it all into SDK2 for homey 2.0
I am not that much of a programmer, I merely copy/pasted some stuff to get these apps to work for the devices I have myself.And from there, I added some other stuff for people asking me back than.

So it would be great to find some other programmer here, who is willing to rewrite these apps.


Hi, I think I have seen something changed in the Vision code on January 23, I still have some problems with the door / window sensor ZD21025, is it still not solved and you are short of time for this?



I think I was able to split the Gen5 version, and the contact function should work.
The extra digital input, I will see if I can find an example on how to get this to work.

There will be a beta in the appstore within a few days. Please download it, and try and install the gen 5 version, see if it works.


Thanks, you are a true helper. Hopefully the digital input should work, in other case’s I should remove the glass tube inside the sensor and use that input as a digital input. I need to connect a dry contact relay from my old alarm system.


The app should be available as beta for you now, My guess is that the digital input will not work yet.
But before you break stuff, let me give it a retry :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you familiar with sideloading an app ? (installing it without the appstore) because than you could send me the log that gives me more info about your device.


With App v1.4.8 I have still the same problem!