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Voice Homey over external speakers


Hi all,

I have a Harman Kardon speaker with build in Chromecast. I would like to have the voice of the Homey over this speaker. Is that possible? When I create a ‘Then’ with ‘Activate Harman Kardon speaker’ and then make a text or a MP3 file it still plays it off on heh Homey instead of the external speaker. Playing music does work on the Harman Kardon.



I have a similar request. Now that homey v2 no longer has a microphone onboard and integration with Google and Alexa is improving it would be a very good change to have the speaker be configured so that the default sound can go over a connected speaker, like Sonos, Denon, a bluetooth speaker or other.
With an additional change to have the flow cards pick a speaker to use would make it even more interesting to make custom flows with speakers used in separate rooms.

When that is possible, I would also be able to position my Homey in a better spot in my house to improve connection with some devices further away and improve overall experience and reliability/coverage for my whole house.


Could be done using : Alexa App and a flow.

Flow card [WHEN] Homey Says Something [THEN] alexa say [TAG: Text]