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VThermo sensor compatibility

Hi, I installed VThermo app and it seems really a wonderful & useful app for what it promises: “Add a virtual thermostat to a zone with a temperature sensor and it will turn on / off heaters in the same zone”.

I use Sonoff devices (Basic, POW, 4CH Pro, TH16 etc) and they are working good in my environment, using flows. I tried to use them with VThermo but they don’t work:
1st configuration:

  • Sonoff TH16 as themperature sensor and switch of an electric heater
    2nd configuration:
  • Sonoff Basic to switch the electric heater; Sonoff TH16 as themperature sensor

I configured the switch as attached to an heater; defined the zone and applied VThermo to the zone, but VThermo doesn’t see the sensor (the current temperature is not reported) and doesn’t switch on/off the switch.I didn’t do any flows because VThermo (I think) would have all done by itself.
Do I anything wrong, or maybe is it a problem of compatibility with the Sonoff devices?
Is there a way to see an events log and control what’s happening?
Many thanks in advance…