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Water stop. How?


Hello! I’m looking to connect a water stop device to my Homey and get this to close my water inlet if water or leaks are detected by some sensors. Is it possible to use a Fibaro relay to trigger some magnet-valves to close off the water? Or is it a better way to do this?


This from a Dutch site, but probably give you an idea about a possible solution.
You can control it with a Fibaro or any other relay.


This is one of the options.

There is also this lower but it requires plumbing works, changing of the valves which is not se convenient as zipato.



I am using the Fibaro relay to control my irrigation valves (24VAC solenoids).

There are other solutions like this Dome Valve, I have a couple of friends that own it. But they use Fibaro HC2 controller and not Homey, I cannot recall Homey has an app for it.