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Water valve (zwave, zigbee or wifi)

I’m looking for a water valve, such as Spetu Z Wave Water Auto Afsluiter Zwave Smart Home Automation Werken Met Z Wave Water Lek Gas Lekkage sensor|Domotica| - AliExpress which is ZWave Plus, but probably Zigbee or Tuya/Wifi would work as well. I was not able to find an app for any of these though.
Did anyone implement a water valve, which one?

There is a valve from Popp which is supported by the Popp app.
But it is much expensive than this one from Ali.
And I don’t know if there is a difference between “Flow Stop Valve” and “Flow Stop 2 Valve”. You can ask the app developer if the “Flow Stop 2 Valve” is also supported by the app.

Tuya Zigbee Valve Controller (sold under several white label brands) is supported by the Tuya Zigbee App.

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