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Weather underground


Hi all,

In my timeline I see a lot of Weather underground errors.
“Error while receiving weather forecast … This key is not valid due to exceeding rate plan”

I used this app to close my screen when the sun is out and it’s above X degrees.
And open my screen if it’s about to rain or the wind is above X.

Anybody a solution or a different app that can cover my needs?



Having the same problem, and will look in to this this evening, i’m guessing something is wrong with the api-key that was needed. Can’t find that anywere now.


Weather underground stopped with using free api keys, only paid subscriptions can be used now.

There are a few replacements, just search for “weather” in the app store


First of, thanks for your swift reply!
I did read about the free api stop, couldn’t find how much it is to get a paid one.
Not the best website in my humble opinion.

I did search for other apps, but was not able to track an app that had the IF: It’s starts raining or Wind speed is above X.

Do you now one?


Ik krijg de meldingen nog niet?

deze app lijkt er aardig op:


is it not the V2.0 that causing this faillure?