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WeatherFlow's Smart Weather Station

Great app. Works really good.
Two questions and/or requests:

1/ can’t seem to connect to a virtual device. Would love to have separate (sub)devices for eg rain and wind. Anyone got this working?

2/ I get false readings on rain starting both via Logic rain>0 and the action card ‘rain started’. The Tempest it self doesn’t show rain. Believe it’s only when it’s quite windy. So perhaps the Tempest own algorithm rules it out. But the API pushes values thru? Anyone else with this problem?

Still on fm 4.2 and a Homey Pro early 2019

I didn’t see this problem but I’ll check if I have the same. I do know that the Tempest waits much longer to give you a ‘it’s raining’ notification and I think only above 0.01mm. The Homey app shows you even a drizzle, if registered by the Tempest. I think that’s a good thing but it’s true that wind might trigger a fake rain event.

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I tried to make rain>0.05 and ended up rain>0.2, but it still activates even though it’s not raining. But again, quite windy. And my Tempest is mounted on a top railing and is exposed to some movement.
Any idea on the virtual device issue?

@Will_o_Wisp It’s really a nice app. Thx.
I replaced my Netatmo rain and wind gauge with the WeatherFlow tempest. A world of difference.

I have set-up a dashboard and need to show e.g. temperature, rain and wind strength on different tiles using a virtual device. But the data from the Tempest doesn’t show in the virtual devices. I can ofcourse show the Tempest in the dashboard, but only showing one sensor reading (wind or temperatur or rain etc.).
I also use the app temperature manager to group different temperature devices and show an average. This also doesn’t work with the Tempest. It doesn’t show as a temperature device and can’t be included.
Perhaps the solution to both of the above mentioned use cases are linked?
Is this something you would consider looking at?

UV and solar radiation has been added in upcoming version.

I have not experienced any false rain start with my Sky device. I now have a Tempest device since a few days and will see how it behaves. What wind strength are we talking about when you experience false rain reporting? Does it even show some mm of rain in the Homey App UI for the tempest device at that time?

When you say virtual devices can you please explain what you mean? Any third-party app you are using or something supported natively in Homey?

I have only experienced with very strong wind, e.g. >17-20 km/h. And my Tempest is mounted on a railing, so perhaps it starts vibrating?
Ps! Thx for following up

Quite windy this morning with heavy gust. And I get rain notification in Homey, not in WeatherFlow. Here’s my flows:

This is caused by the wind. Weatherflow app has a higher treshold before a notification appears.

I understand. Do you have any idea/suggestion how to get around getting false notifications in Homey due to heavy wind? I could make a rule combining rain and wind, but would miss those occasions when it’s actually starting to rain when it’s also windy?!

The only way is making sure that the Tempest can’t move that much. It’s mostly caused because the wind makes the Tempest swing.

I see that there are IF cards for Wind with the option to enter a value. Is it possible to make the same cards for temperature, brightness, UV? This would make my flow’s for sunscreen so much easier.

Wind and rain use custom conditions in Homey but for all other capabilities standard Homey interfacet are used.