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Welcome to our Forum, we’re glad you found us! My name is Bram and I’m the administrator on this forum.

On this Forum you can discuss everything regarding Homey and Athom. This forum is for everyone, independent of your knowledge and experience with our products. I thought it would be a good idea to set some guidelines so we’re all getting the most out of this medium.

Here we go:

  1. Stay on topic.

  2. Use a meaningful title for your thread.
    (e.g. : Problem with Voice recognition in Swahili, Requested an Homey App for a GPS tracker for my kids, Enhancement idea for a homey with legs)

  3. Search for your topic ideas on the forum to see if somebody else already mentioned it somewhere.

  4. If you have a question first look at the Knowledge Base to see if you can find your answer there. Never the less don’t hesitate to ask again if this is not clear for you.

  5. Be polite and give constructive feedback.

  6. Keep the conversation in English as much as possible.

  7. Don’t reply to your own posts in the same topic but edit your previous post.

  8. If you want me to read along, mention me in your post (@bram), or one of the moderators (@Caseda, @Dijker, @Rocodamelshe, @johan_bendz, @Jamie, @PhilS )

  9. When you need direct support from Athom please visit https://support.athom.com for our new help center.
    It is very important to report all issues you find here: https://support.athom.com/hc/requests/new or mail to support@athom.com.

  10. When you are a developer and found a bug in Homey’s API’s make an issue at GitHub there are new issue trackers available for the Apps SDKand Web API.

  11. When you come up with a really good enhancement that would benefit everyone create a support case or email support.

  12. When you find a bug in a community app or come up with a really good enhancement for it, make an issue at the Github of the developer. Link can be found in the app store.

  13. If you are looking for an app, the quickest way to check whether a device is supported is to search the app store. https://apps.athom.com/.

  14. If you are looking for someone to create a new app, there is a Homey Community App Requests topic where you can make your request.

  15. Want to request a new feature? You can fill out this form to request a new feature in Homey

And of course: don’t forget to have fun discussing and improving our awesome product together.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Support & Community Manager @ Athom

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