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What LED dimmer can I use?

Hi there,

I bought a Homey to dim some of my light sources using SH5-RBD-XXX dimmers of Smartwares, the Homey site said it was supported, but later I learned it wasn’t, little error of the developer who wrote it.

Since I can not use them anymore I’m forced to look for an alternative.
What I intend to do is to create a flow, to use the dimmer like a ‘wake up light’ but still be able to be switched on\off by hand the hardware light switch.
Maybe you can help me to find a dimmer witch is programmable as I mentioned AND Homey compatible. The dimmer must be able to handle 100 watt LED’s


Fibaro Dimmer 2 sounds like it fits the bill.

Thanks for your reply @robertklep, I’ll check it out!

I just bought 2 dimmers, I’ll keep you informed.