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Where can I get an invitation for Homey testflight


I’m using iPhone iOS and like to know where can I get an invictation code for Homey testflight ?


Homey beta app ios
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Go install Testflight on ur IOS device. Then, on ur IOS device, go to the next link.U can find it here. Don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret :wink:
This link will open in Testflight and there u will see the accept button for Homey (v2) preview app.


this i know, but how do I get an email invictation code from the developer ?


Guess u did install Testflight and , after that, clicked the link in ur IOS device?


yes, I installed Testflight on my iPhone but I can’t see any link in my device



So u installed Testflight. Now go, with ur Iphone, to the link i posted above. This link will open in Testflight with an accept button for Homey (v2)


go it now, thank you so much Rocodamelshe




Is there a similar possibility for android users?


Android users can just download it, no link needed.:wink:


Can you add me as a test user ?


You don’t need to be added, you can either join the program on iOS Testflight or download the app for Android


Or just read this topic from the top and u would know!


I did, i have everything but when i open the new v2 app i get after logon an message no updates and i can’t access the homey



I mean this


Hi Marcel, in order to move to 2.0 RC you need to select experimental updates in developer. Only after that Homey will allow to install 2.0. please check firmare.athom.com for the full explanation. Dont disregard the warning, if you rely on stable use of Homey, then developer builds might not be the best choice