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Where is the Insight app?


Does anyone know where i can find the Insight app “inzicht” in dutch. It’s the app that allowed me to make trends of my device usage, it was and is really helpfull for logging my day to day activity.
The new app doesnt seem to have it, or at least i cant find it.




Bedankt Rdw.




was also looking for it, tnx!


Why isn’t all devices in Insight? I only get a few, the old insight had history on all devices.


Indeed, I don’t see the history of any of my switches. How can I add them?


it looks like there are many devices missing AND many propperties of them. (for example I have no motion-detection history from my fibaro motion sensor.)


Devices have been split between Insights and the mobile app.
Binary capabilities (open/closed, motion/no motion, …) are visible in the app, numerical values are in Insights.


but i want to see my motion-alarm history. how can i find that in the app?
edit: okay… i found it… not very usefull i think…