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Where to buy?


I can’t seem to buy a homey as they’re out of stock, it a new model coming out or have they stopped being made?




Out of stock in the November time frame makes you wonder. Hopefully it is because they are a success. But strange to see this in the important November month.


had the same problem six months ago so this happens not only in november.
Its just because its a succes a asume :grinning::grinning::grinning:


Does Athom plan to resume production? If yes then when? Will there be a newer model?


Production is fully running. I understood (no guarantees though) they will be available in two weeks…


I hope they’re available soon, I’ve bought one about six weeks ago


Oh, it’s nice that the company survives 2 months without hardware sales


probbely sales a lot homeys, and they can handle it yes, but as a company who is operaiting in a consumer market you never want to have “no stock” in the holiday seasson.

At the other hand i guess you can stil buy a homey from the athom site, but its delevring later, so money stil coming in