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Which device to use for zwave range extention



Hey, anyone with a good suggestion of what to use as a repeater/extender for my z-wave?

Have only the Wall Switch now and my range is about 5-6 meters.

Should I buy aeotec extender or fibaro outlets?

NodOn App (v2.0.1)

Imho the fibaro outlets are best and do have an extra use. A range-extender is just a, well, range-extender…


Ok, is there any differences performance wise between the different wall plugs (fibaro, nexa…) regarding the meshing and range?

Quite huge differences in price.


Guys, I understand its Q&A at the moment, but (and dont take it personly) can we stay on topic. This topic is about the Nodon App, it now going towards whats the best way to extend the zwave range.

edit already splitted in another topic :+1:


As it was in the nodon topic, I definitely would use the nodon micro smart plugs to extend the range.

But any mains powered zwave device can be used to extend your range, including the cheap neo cool cam wall warts


Dunno but I am going to buy a Fibaro as I kinda love the design - it’s a bit like Apple I feel…
You pay a for the design but as good design always is functional I will pay for that.


Okay after reading the reviews on Amazon re the new Fibaro Outlets (Gen 6, w/ Z-Wave Plus support) I skipped the idea of the Fibaros.
The stability seems to be not that great at the moment. It’s said that the previous version (Gen 5) is perfectly stable; though: it doesn’t support Z-Wave Plus AND - when you find it somewhere - it’s around 65€.

So I bought 2 of the Aeotec Range Extender 6.

While 1 seems to work (mesh is not yet created) the other one makes strange energy noise; such as cheap manufactured devices sometimes do (pretty close to when they tend to explode) :smile:

So one will go back, the other one gets the chance to create the mesh and let the devices re-route.