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Which ip camera

Hi all,

I have got the homey pro and a qnap system. Looking for recommendations on which outside Ip camera’s to buy…

In desperate need of some good advice!!

Thanks in advance

Hikvision or hiwatch works without problem. You have direct recording to NAS and you can see snapshot from camera in Homey as well.

Bought myself this one (a fixed dome camera): Alecto dvc-135ip.
Cheap ( €89 ) but does what it is made for.
Succesfull attached to Homey for making a snapshot when someone rings at my frontdoor in combination with ImageGrabber (trigger from KaKu acdb-7000b)

URL for ImageGrabber:
http://[camera ipadres]/cgi-bin/video_snapshot.cgi?user=[username]&pwd=[password]

STREAM at: http://[camera ipadres]/cgi-bin/videostream.cgi?user=[username]&pwd=[password]

Important: When using the camera over WiFi a STRONG signal is very important (and don’t allow you’re to use channels above ch10). BTW.
Hardwired (UTP RJ45) is also possible.