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Which replacement power supply to buy?

If your old Homey supply is broke which one do you have to buy as a good replacement?
There are a lot of power supplies on the market. Some better quality as others.
If you bought a replacement power supply, can you let it know, so we can create a list with replacement power supplies.
Please respond with brand, type, voltage (V) and amperage (A).


Bought this one at bol.com. For now it’s working fine!

Athom seem to have supplied quite a few defective usb power supplies and in some cases seem to have actually broken Homey. Shouldn’t they be doing a recall / supplying new power supplies. As well as not working, aren’t low quality defective usb power supplies known to be a potential danger.

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Mine was 3 years old. The topic is about good alternatives for when the product is out of guaranty.

Why do you think 3 years is out of warranty? Seeing the positioning of Homey by Athom as a premium product I would expect the lifetime to be around 5 years. Also, seeing the number of reports about failed power supplies I would expect a replacement without costs within that period.

(This only applies to Dutch consumers, our consumer laws differ a bit from the rest of the EU)

Running on an old iPad p/s 10W since I got my Homey almost 3 years now. No issues.
Athom sent me my Homey with the EU type p/s which didn’t match my AU plug. So I tossed it in the bin from day one.

Ok. But still the topic is about good alternatives to buy.

Peter, my comment is relevant to this thread. Your power supply might have been out of warranty but that doesn’t mean that will be the case for everyone reading the thread. Not sure why you would shoot me down like that. Seems unfriendly. We are supposed to be here to help each other.

Did not ment to shoot you down. The idea of this thread was to get a database of powersupplys that work. Not to get in another discussion about Athom

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And therefor the rest of the off-topic posts will be deleted without further notice.