Which RGB LED controller is compatible with Homey


Hi all,

As i am really new new new new new in to Homey and starting my first project with it i was wondering if somebody can help me with my start up.

I bought an ledstrip 5 in 1 RGB CCT (RGBWW) and there for i am searching for an LED controller that is compatible with the Homey.

First i wanted to buy the Milight controller along with an remote and panel but it seems that the Milight app that the Homey appstore offers only supports the bulbs and not the LED controllers.
So therefor i am searching for an replacement so i can control these LED strips.

What i would like to do is not only control the LEDS strip by command trough homey but also using an 2.4ghz remote, if it has wifi its oke but not necessary. Does somebody has any knowledge on this ? and maybe they can advise me which controller i can install ?

Just as example i will put here an site what i am searching for.


Thanks in advanced and hoping you can give me some good advise

With kind regards



Maybe this is what you looking for



Milight works just fine with the led controllers, the bulb is just an icon/image.
You will need a wifi bridge too.

In the range of zigbee and already supported is gledopto.

Further there is nothing supported in apps for homey with rgb+cct


Hi Caseda ok thanks for the advice.
Ok and that’s the wifi bridge of milight right ?

Ok and is there much difference between milight or gledopto that you know ?


Hi Roy thank will take a look at it


Milight = wifi thanks to the wifi bridge (yes the milight one) though from bridge to the controller/bulb it is a proprietary protocol.
With a max of 4 controllers/bulbs per bridge (at least the old bridge, not sure if the same still is with the “new” (v6) one.)

Gledopto = zigbee, totally different protocol then wifi.
Zigbee can mesh together for greater distances if you have enough relaying devices.


Hmm ok something to think about.

But in performance there shouldn’t be any difference if the distance is close to each other right ?

How about the software will that work one for both ?