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WiFi connections drops several times a day


Since a couple of days my homey keeps connecting and dropping the WiFi connection several times a day. I’ve noticed this through an ifttt recipe that I made when my deco router loses connection with a certain device I get a notification.

Anyone else experiencing this problem as well or any solutions available? I’ve already tried rebooting homey and my tp link deco router (a mesh router but mesh is turned of for homey so it always connects to a certain router).

Regards, Robert

First…check the forum… with using search

Second, when lazy :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue: replace the usb power adapter of homey.

Well known, that it could be the problem. Make sure its at least 2.1 Amp.

I’ve already searched the forum and replacing the adapter doesn’t solve the problem. Any other clues?

How sure are you it is the wifi that drops? You are saying you did a IFTTT check originating from your router, but that just checks connectivity. It doens’t know if it is the homey dying or loosing wifi.

A couple of things that happen often are what @RoyWissenburg already mentioned, firstly the power adapter; you say you have replaced it, by what and did it do anything? Or wasn’t that the problem to start with?
Secondly it is known the homey doesn’t have a very reliable wifi connection. Personally I have had never had any issues with it but still, many others do. You have disabled mesh for homey, do you also have a dedicated 2.4ghz network for it, or do you have 1 network with both 2 and 5 ghz combined?