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WiFi door and window sensor



Which WIFI door and window sensor is currently supported by Homey? Neo coolcam WiFi door sensor i.e.?

Thx! Bram


As far as i know, Homey doesn’t support WiFi devices.
You should buy the Neo Coolcam NAS-DS01Z (which is Z-wave). I have several of them and they work great.
If you really prefer the WiFi type, maybe you can do something with IFTTT?


Thx Peter! I can indeed use Z-wave, but my front door is pretty far from (2 stories) from where my homey is.
Do you have experience with that?


If you have powered z-wave devices (for instance wall plugs), they will use the mesh network.
I have one in the shed (appr. 20 mtrs from Homey in the backyard incl a concrete wall and HR glass) and that works flawless. It uses the wall plug that is plugged in near the back window of the house or the recently placed plug in the shed itself.
And they are cheap buying from Ali now. Just bought a 4rd one for only €17,45. If you buy a 2 or 4 pack at the official cooolcam store they are even cheaper.


Thx Peter! Good advise!! I wonder if Homey V2 with HomeKit support will be able to trigger flows for HomeKit devices like Eve door sensor